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Volunteering Opprotunities

If you wish to volunteer for anything on Recreation District Property, please read, sign, and drop off at the Clubhouse/District Office (or in the mailbox across the street from the Fire House (mailbox labled 314 Estrella Ave. "Rec. Dist")) a Waiver and Release Form found below. Thank you.

Waiver and Release Form.pdf



Robin's Park Foxtail Eradication Project: 


Thursdays at 2:00 pm - Meet by Batchelor's Playground North End or Just Jump In. 


The Robin's Park Committee has been working to eradicate the foxtails in Robin's Park. Over the past few years we have been committed to 'green' and ecosystem-friendly solutions to reducing our overpopulation of foxtails in the park. As a part of the project, we need volunteers to help us handpull the tall foxtails so we can stop them from seeding for the next year. We have seen incredible amounts of success with the hand pulling, but it is a slow and arduous process. Come and join Virginia Taylor and I, Eden, in the park on Thursdays at 2:00 pm for an early afternoon break from our computer screens and comfy homes to pick some foxtails. Every foxtail we pick minimizes the chances of our furry friends (dogs and cats, but mostly dogs) getting foxtail seeds stuck in their paws or noses. Come be neighborly with us and enjoy some time outdoors and in the dirt. After all, gardening is a great and low-impact form of physical activity. 

May contain: ground, gravel, dirt road, road, tree, plant, and tree trunk