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Volunteering Opprotunities

If you wish to volunteer for anything on Recreation District Property, please read, sign, and drop off at the Clubhouse/District Office (or in the mailbox across the street from the Fire House (mailbox labled 314 Estrella Ave. "Rec. Dist")) a Waiver and Release Form found below. Thank you.

Waiver and Release Form.pdf



Robin's Park Foxtail Eradication Project: 


We are currently NOT meeting to systematically eliminate and eradicate the foxtails in Robin's Park. That said, if you are walking through, especially in the 'wet' months of the year, when grasses are growing green and tall, tear some out and throw them next to the path. The District Manager will gladly pick any small piles of pulled foxtails on weekly walk-throughs. Every foxtail we pull out is a win in our books! 

May contain: ground, gravel, dirt road, road, tree, plant, and tree trunk