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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are the Basketball Hoops down and when will they be back up? 

A: The basketball hoops are now back up. The Baord of Directors has agreed the basketball courts are to be used accoring to the current Department of Public Health (DPH) rules/orders/mandates. The hoops may come back down if the County of Santa Cruz moves back up in COVID Risk Tiers (ex. Orange to Red, etc.) or if the DPH rules/mandates are not being followed. 


Q: How do I rent the Clubhouse?

A: Contact the District Manager, Eden Serrano, through the "fill in the box" online form on the page titled Reserve the Clubhouse. 


Q: ¿Hay alguien que hable español?

A: Si, el gerente puede hablar un poco. Debes de llamar al gerente al numero que se ecuentra en la página "Contact Us."


Q: Can I rent the bluff for my event/wedding?

A: The La Selva Beach Recreation District does not rent out the Bluff and Bluff use is subject to rules of a separate organization called the La Selva Beach Improvement Association. Under certain circumstances, members of the Association can arrange to have events at the Bluff, but the La Selva Beach Recreation District does not combine use of the Clubhouse with events at the Bluff. Association members may contact the La Selva Beach Improvement Association about Bluff usage by writing LSBIA at:  


Q: Can I rent the clubhouse for multiple days in a row? 

A: Yes, you can rent the clubhouse for multiple days, but you will need to pay for and fill out two rental forms (one for each day). 


Q: How do I get a gate key to the Beach Parking Lot in La Selva?

A: Homeowners/residents of La Selva Beach who are members of La Selva Beach Improvement Association are eligible for a parking lot key.  Contact the Membership Director at

Q: Can I bring over event supplies like tables, chairs, covers, decorations, etc., the night before my event?

A: No, unfortunately there are renters and events in the clubhouse most days and we cannot allow one guest to disturb anothers' event. If you need more information on this topic, contact the Manager. 


Q: What are the times I am allowed to use the facility the day of my event and is there a curfew?

A: The rental contract covers you from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM the day of your event. We ask that amplified music stop at 9:45 PM and that guests are leaving at 10:00 PM. There are some more nitty gritty details, but talk with the Manager for those.


Q: If I choose to rent the clubhouse/facility, do I have to have a certain caterer or event planner or can I hire whoever I wish?

A: If you rent the facility you can hire anyone you want to work your event! Just make sure to give whoever you hire the Manager's number becasue they need to go over the rules together!